There are some exciting changes coming to the FIM Speedway Grand Prix for the 2019 season, with timed qualifying to determine the rider’s gate positions on race day. Two elements will be included to the Friday schedule for the FIM Speedway Grand Prix race weekend. Free Practice & Qualifying will be introduced from the start of the season which begins in Warsaw on May 18.


Each rider will be given the option to take part in four practice sessions before the start of Qualifying. A draw prior to the start of free practice will determine the order they practice in, with the riders practicing in groups of three. Free Practice will be timed, to determine the order for Qualifying. The rider who sets the fastest lap time in Free Practice will go out in Qualifying last, while the rider who was slowest in Free Practice will go out first.


For Qualifying, each rider will go out individually to complete as many laps as they can in a 60-second slot. If a rider is still on a fast lap when the chequered flag has been shown, he may still finish that lap. Riders will not be allowed to change their bike or have any member of their team on the infield during their qualifying session. If a rider is unable to complete a lap due to a technical issue, he will not be allowed to complete another qualifying session.


At the conclusion of Qualifying, a draw will take place to shape the gate positions for Race Day. The fastest rider from Qualifying will be able to select their own gate position first. With the slowest rider picking his gate position last. For any riders that do not complete a fast lap in Qualifying, they will be placed into a draw and the FIM Jury President will pick these at random to complete the rider line-up.